Non emergency medical transportation services with wheelchair and ramp capabilities in southeastern wisconsin

Our Mission: Exceptional Care for Exceptional Clients

Transtar is dedicated to providing the safest, most reliable, most accommodating medical transportation services for each and every one of our special needs clients. We will continually strive to maintain our industry-leading position through innovation, flexibility and unparalleled service, and we will be especially diligent in representing our company and the institutions who have placed their trust in us with the utmost professionalism and performance. Within every aspect of our company, whether it be in regard to our equipment, our drivers, our office employees or our management team, anything short of excellence is simply unacceptable.

Why Choose Transtar?

Our Experience

Transtar is one of the oldest and most respected specialized medical transportation companies in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our highly trained drivers and staff have many years of experience in the transportation industry. We safely accommodate the transportation needs for tens of thousands of individuals each year.

Our Prompt, Personal Service

We want your experience with Transtar to be pleasurable from the time you call for an appointment through your safe arrival at your destination. Transtar will satisfy your transportation need no matter what your special need may be; wheelchair or assisted ambulatory (walk-on). Call us to schedule your appointment Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Our service hours are generally from 5 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 5 AM to 3 PM Saturdays. Weekend and Holiday service is available through special arrangements. We can accommodate both scheduled and same day call-in appointments.

Our Safety Record

Safety is our #1 priority and we are proud of the impeccable safety record Transtar has achieved. Transtar employs only experienced and highly professional drivers. Each must have a minimum of ten years driving experience and a clean driving record. Additionally, Transtar utilizes only late model, well maintained, vehicles which are regularly inspected and approved under extremely rigid ADA safety guidelines.

Our Professional Drivers

Certified in First Aid and CPR, each is trained and qualified to effectively and safely transport all types of special needs individuals. Transtar drivers will provide friendly, helpful, and courteous assistance to ensure your comfort and peace of mind while traveling with us.

Our Dedication to Comfort

Every van in Transtar's fleet is either new or late model. Transtar regularly updates their fleet with new vans equipped with state-of- the-art comfort, safety and security features. All vans are equipped with ADA approved mobility conversion features for ease of entry and every van is cleaned and disinfected daily for your comfort and protection.

Our Reputation

The reputation Transtar Medical Ltd. has built over the years in safety, dependability and availability, along with our ever accommodating attitude creates a high demand for our transportation services over other specialized transportation providers. It is this reputation which has made us a favorite among social workers, transportation coordinators and travel departments who routinely secure transportation services for their patients.